How Poehl's Auto Recyclers Stays ahead of the Curve

"Being a leader in any industry requires staying ahead of the curve. It involves using the latest and best tools and knowing what's in the woodwork before anyone else. It's no different in the automotive recycling industry and few recyclers are able to stay ahead of the curve quite like Dana Poehl from Poehl's Auto Recyclers in Kentville, Nova Scotia. As a beta site for, Poehl is able to test the latest computer technologies in the auto recycling industry months before the majority of his fellow recyclers."

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"ARA President Doug Reinert and First Vice President Randy Reitman both attended the recent Third Annual Industry Conference that was held in Cincinnati, OH. As Doug put it, "there was something to be learned by everyone, no matter what size business they had," seconded by Randy and, judging by the enthusiasm exhibited by other attendees, including recyclers from Australia, all came away fired up about the improvements and changes unveiled over the three days."

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Testimonial from Steve Shaver at Late Model Auto Parts

"I would like to commend [you] on the outstanding and professionalism that was extended to myself and my staff."

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"Auto recyclers from across North America and as far away as Australia descended on Fort Wright, Kentucky from August 4 to 6 to attend the Third Annual Industry Conference. The information that was shared about the challenges and opportunities of recyclers in providing and selling more recycled parts are both eye opening and optimistic. The three-day event kicked off with the registration and a reception on the evening of 4th. The Friday and Saturday had two full days of seminars offering great variety and selection. The schedule was broken down into five classes on the Friday and four classes on the Saturday. Each time slot offered classes covering the following product groups: Checkmate, Fast Parts, Web Products, Bidmate & Partmate and Executive & Management."

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2011 Northern Kentucky Thoroughbreds represent resilience, growth

"Car-Part is a search engine for recycled auto parts. Founded in 1998, Car-Part has grown to become the world's largest used parts marketplace, with over 10 million searches per month."

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Schroders Shine: Three Brothers, Two Businesses

"Whether or not you know the Schroder brothers, chances are you know the business they created. has swept the recycling industry, linking auto salvage with the online world for the past 10 years. It was not the first endeavor for the talented team behind it, composed of Urban, Roger and Jeff Schroder with Janice, Jeff's wife.

True leaders in every sense of the word, Urban, Roger, Jeff and Janice are carving out a niche in recycling to which others can only aspire. Their work ethic, management style and communications are regularly lauded by both peers and employees. Some say it was ingrained when they were young."

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1999 New Products Source Book is the first company to help auto recyclers sell parts on the Internet by adding inventory to their web sites. software allows easy uploads of inventory from Pinnacle, Hollander®#, Checkmate®, Classic and Checkmate®, Jr.

Automotive Recycling July / August 1999,
Vol.19, No.4

Simple menus let customers search parts and shop based on description, price, location and brand. Our innovative solutions have been embraced by leading recyclers, such as:,, Rancho Cordovas, Cadott Auto Recyclers, Century, Marshalls and Fellow auto recyclers have pooled their parts in making it over one million parts strong. For more information, visit or call (859) 344-1925

Your eKey to Companies By: Colby Horton

AutoInc. Automotive Service Association. July 2000

Net Profits By: Lynn Novelli

Joining forces with specialized networks is another strategy for boosting the odds for success, says Shannon Nordstrom. His companies site, for example, participates in the United Recyclers Group website, the EDEN Exchange, and, which now boasts an inventory of some 4 million parts, was the first Internet site dedicated to the automotive recycling industry. Launched in May 1998, the site now offers for sale the inventories of more than 150 recyclers.

January / February 2000 offers more information to the customer than was available before, which makes it a more useful tool, says president Jeffery Schroder. If you are looking for a way to add value to your inventory, this is it. Schroders company originally hosted websites for distinguished corporate clients such as the United Nations and Sesame Street. But, with a brother in the recycling business, Schroder got interested in the industrys e-commerce possibilities. Existing trading systems like ADP-Hollander®# were limited to recyclers, he explains. It seemed that a more open system that gave access to consumers and other interested businesses would be a benefit. Schroder was so convinced that he gave up his other corporate clients to concentrate his website company and the expertise of its 14 employees on the automotive recycling industry. Recyclers get a website hosted by, and their inventory is listed in the inventory, with a link back to the dealers website. Anyone with access to the Internet can search's inventory. Its a simple concept, and the webpages are not fancy. But it works: racks up some 400,000 visitors a month and 110,000 part searches.

Profile on Parts: Parts Trends 2000 By:Jeff Schroder

The Internet solves some of the problems associated with recycled parts. Giving repair professionals a better selection of recycled parts can increase their use. If a Web site provided 100 Ford Taurus doors, each with different characteristics (condition, location, delivery options, and price) the repair professional can choose the match that best fits their need. This dynamic pricing model is sweeping the Internet. The condition of recycled parts is very important because the time to repair can make the difference between a good value or a bad value (vs. a new OEM or aftermarket). It is very important that damage estimates by recyclers are accurate. Two recycling organizations have relevant damage standards. Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has damage codes that define where the damage is and the United Recyclers Group (URG) defines each credit card size worth of damage to be equivalent to one hour of repair.

January 2000

New York Recycler by: Jeff Schroder

Like many solutions in the auto recycling industry, started with an auto recycling family solving a problem no one else seemed interested in solving. In 1996, Foreign Auto Salvage wanted to improve upon their Checkmate®/Orion® Experience. It appeared over time the inventory management system would improve either through URG's work or through the Checkmate® division of ADP(after a spin off from antitrust concerns).
The parts locating systems had 3 weaknesses. First, major buyers such as body shops and repair facilities were excluded from the parts locating systems. Second, auto recyclers could only locate from facilities using the same inventory management system and not from their natural business partners. Third, because the systems were telephone (and satellite) based and required long distance phone calls, they were too expensive.

An internet based parts locating system could improve the proprietary experience and greatly expand the auto recycling market as a whole. went live in May of 1998 with auto recycler inventory on the web.  Being the first company to offer the service to auto recyclers was just the beginning. went live in May of 1998 with auto recycler inventory on the web. Being the first company to offer the service to auto recyclers was just the beginning. currently supports Pinnacle, Hollander®#, Powerlink, Classic, Checkmate® and Checkmate® Jr. parts data and is currently working on Fast Parts Support. It was clear from the beginning that Interchange based searching would be a major benefit. We have been negotiating an Interchange license for over two years now and are told we are close to having one.

By leveraging their offline brands, auto recyclers can easily establish their online website and offer repair shops the convenience of 24 hour parts procurement. Leveraging the recognition of state associations, recyclers can gain further parts exposure by pooling their data onto the state association website (for example Auto recyclers can also pool their data together with trading partners and co-market consolidated sites to insurance companies and repair shops. The website markets the parts of 200 auto recyclers with a nationwide print campaign and an online campaign as well.  

We can grow the recycled parts market by giving repair shops the ability to find the recycled part that best fit their needs. The "best' part depends on many factors including condition, location, availability, brand, and price. Empowering your customers leads to greater loyalty and customer satisfaction. It's no surprise, 11% of recycled parts are expected to be purchased via the internet next year.

Jeff Schroder, President

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